The world of Zanzibar

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The world of Zanzibar

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Suns and planet
• The planet is located in a binary solar system. There are two suns, one is a Red Giant (which is five times larger than Earth's sun, but much more dimmed). The other star is white and much smaller, appearing about half the size of Earth's moon in the sky -- depending on the season, can be seen at day (summer) or night (winter).
• Zanzibar has a moon, which causes tidal movement similar to Earth's.
• The planet has an elliptical orbit around its suns, is tidally locked to them and has an axis tilt similar to Earth.

Seasons and light
• Zanzibar has seasons. Both hemispheres experience the same season at the same time. This is a result of the tidal locking and elliptical orbit.
• The planet's tropic lies far in the southern hemisphere. The south pole is bathed in eternal daylight, while the north pole is clad in eternal night. This is a result of the axis tilt combined with tidal locking.
• Winter in the north gets bitterly cold, far removed from the sun with short days. The north of the main continent is battered by blizzards during winter. The north pole itself is uncharted, a black world of grinding ice that has never seen any life-giving light.
• At the south pole mountains rise to impossible heights, cold and bare, ever under the sun's harsh glare.

• Every year lasts 12 months. There's 28 days or 4 weeks to a month.
• Commonly 4 seasons are recognized on Zanzibar, each of about 3 months.
• Days in the south are long. Days in the north get progressively shorter.

World map
• Not all of Zanzibar is known.
• The map merely shows the known world. It is not known how far north the world extends, nor how far the great oceans extend.
• The south pole itself is uncharted, but it is known that the southern edge of the known world actually is the south pole.
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