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Nation - Albed
Capitol - Holm
Singular & Plural - Albed


Usually ranging between 4'6" and 4'10", the Albed are often found sporting large quantities of facial hair within the male populous. They are a naturally resilient species, having a high muscle density-to-size-ratio. This high muscle fibre density has resulted in slower bodily reactions, resulting in the race being less agile then many others.

Another distinguishing feature of the Albed race is that of their keen eyesight, bearing the ability to see extremely well it low-light conditions, such as in tunnels, dark alleys and buildings or simply whilst out for moonlight strolls.

Although the Albed do not continuously where armour, they do often dress bearing metallic objects to signify wealth or prestige, these are often guild crests or family heirlooms. Many of the males wear beard rings and both genders can be found wearing neck and ear jewellery.

Culture Aims

Under the guidance of their god, Rayne, the Albed aim to preserve past knowledge and record new events for future generations, including technological developments and known world affairs.

The Albed race has become somewhat xenophobic due to past events and are, understandably, extremely mistrustful of others, regardless of intention.

The Restoration of Magic has spread throughout the Albed nation, with the new nation revisiting their past, setting aside their attempt at alchemy, deeming it to be a watered-down-magic, not worthy of a nation with any real interest in surviving.


Being a xenophobic race negotiations will be hard going. The Albed will, as expected, have now problems with peace treaties and the like, but trading, haggling and requests for alliances and help will come at a high price, if an agreement is reached at all. The reason for this is simple, previous attempts to remove the race from the face of the world, which very nearly succeeded.

The Albed are however extremely loyal unto themselves and will rarely betray another of his own nation and a slight made against one Albed will be remembered by many.

Diplomacy is usually dealt with by the High King, Guldan, or his advisors in his stead if his is unavailable.


The so named “Epsilon Era”, the last great era of this world, showed both the rise and near catastrophic fall of the Albed nation. Rising from the depths of the central mountain range of the northern continent, beneath the era old citadel of the dogs of the legion, the Albed were brought once again onto the surface of Zanzibar.

Becoming acutely aware that being on the surface was a hazard to their health, the Albed sought to bury themselves underground, to avoid several of the bloodthirsty nations on their continent, unfortunately these burrowed bastions did little to deter the enemy and in fact made them think more tactfully and strike with surgical precision.

The combination of a recent move underground and the ferocious attacks left the Albed in a state of near starvation. In an attempt to put food in the bellies of all of their remaining populace, the Albed entrusted a large group of their civilians to the Queros, and ultimately the Leviathans, for protection, a nation which already bore the homes of many different races. The remaining Albed lived in hidden settlements and all bar one, Safe Haven, were discovered, attacked and destroyed. But survive the Albed did, not just in Safe Haven, but within the Querosi nation and, over time, the two parts of the Albed nation re-merged, creating new cities, adopting new social policies, revamping their previously weak military and adopting a new ideology. Those whom provoke the Albed shall not be suffered to live.

As the Albed regrouped over the many years after the wars ended, they congregated in groups, passed on their secrets to the next generation, and the next, and the next. What came to pass was the creation of a guild network, where each Albed citizen was born into a guild, or caste if you will, and trained, educated and brought up according to that guild's ideals. There became nine guilds in all;

The Masons Guild predominantly contained the miners, stone cutters, carpenters, builders and other such trades.

The Anvils Guild trained nearly everybody within it as professional soldiers, whether it be for the Albed Army or as guards for businesses or people of importance.

The Riders Guild, despite their name, does not mean they only deal with mounts, but all creatures, be it those of war, those of leisure or those used for food.

The Enforcers Guild are in charge of keeping the peace and enforcing it where the need arises. Additionally they are the military reserves for defence purposes and are seldom called to march. The Enforcers have their own jobs, but as part of the guild have a mandatory service requirement except for those unable to perform the duties for medical reasons. This means that all police forces are Enforcers, but not all Enforcers are a part of the police forces.

The Brewmasters Guild are, to put it bluntly, a group of ever-drunk, crazed dwarves who love nothing better than to revel in stories of the Albed nations' past misfortunes and constantly reassure their guild members that “They'll get what's comin' to 'em if they come back 'ere”, usually followed by belching and/or passing out from too high an Albed XXXX intake.

The Agency. Although it is a guild, they do not call themselves one. They prefer the term “Organization”. Although, the applications of this organization are the same as any other guild and they raise their own. The Agency handles diplomacy, counter-sabotage, interrogation and generally anything that involves clerical work and keeps them as far away from a blade as possible.

The Required is a secretive guild, keeping it's initiation rights and ideals to itself, although all of the other guilds know the stories. These were the descendants of the last thousand Albed not under Querosi care, those of Safe Haven. The members of this guild usually have a grim look upon their face at almost every occasion, even whilst they sleep.

The Practitioners are a guild of herbalists, battlefield medics, doctors, therapists and clergymen. The guild focuses on ways to maintain and repair the physical wounds, mental scars and religious misgivings amongst the Albed holds. Despite their profession being that of carers, they are somewhat grumpy, direct and take offense quickly should others try to second guess what is best for them after a Practitioner has offered diagnosis and advised of potential treatments.

Lastly, The Beardless Guild dedicates itself to the forges and machinery. They tend to have very little facial hair, or none at all, due to it continuously getting singed or set aflame. That said, they're as stubborn as all of the other Albed and do not remove their beards by choice. But, the fire always gets them one way or another.

Having been born into a Guild through the pairing of two Same-Guild Parents, the child is, unfortunately for some of them, stuck within that guild for life. There is no way out of it other than death or exile, exile being enforced by the police forces on a case-by-case basis.

That said, Cross-Guild-Pairing is perfectly legal and if a child is born he or she is usually raised by the mother's Guild until they become of age, which for the Albed is the day they receive (and keep down) their first Albed XXXX. This is usually an eleventh birthday present, but it has been known to have been given to children as early as seven! This first drink is confirmation from the guild that they recognize the individual as an adult. At this point, unlike the same-guild pairing children who are still just an adult within their fixed guild, the cross-guild member can choose which of their parent's guilds they wish to continue their studies within.

Regardless of guild, all Albed intermingle at will and there are no boarders or boundaries that only one guild is allowed into other than the guild halls themselves.


Many monsters and war beasts are captured and trained by the beast masters and handlers of The Riders Guild, usually trained in packs consisting of a few dozen small-medium beasts, although it is rumoured that larger beasts lay within the more fortified and walled off pens.


The nation is, as it has always been, a Personal Monarchy, run by the oldest son of the previous King, with the individual forgoing his first name and taking the name of Guldan.

Guldan presides over a relatively large council on guild elders, but ultimately he holds final say on all matters. The council consists of one elder from each guild house from each city, regardless of the size of the presence of each guild in each city, i.e. A node population consists of fifty percent from The Anvils and then the remaining fifty percent being split between the remaining guilds, the guild elder for The Anvils holds no more power than any other guild elder, nor will there ever be more than one elder for each guild.

This means that the size of the council is prone to change should a node be newly inhabited or lost, but will always follow the following math; The number of council members equals that of the number of inhabited nodes multiplied by ten, plus one (for Guldan). Naturally the guild elders will not only be familiar with each other within the council chambers, but also on a local basis due to sharing the same node of residence and in many cases they will likely have been brought up alongside each other for their entire lives (excluding the guild-only activities).


The guild system has a marked impact on the Albed military, which is a very obvious spot to those used to the nation, either in person or on paper.

The Anvils train all of their members to be soldiers but this doesn't mean that the other guilds' members' cannot join the army, on the contrary. The Albed Army is made up of a mix from every single guild, however they do tend to stick to specific rolls dependent upon the guild they came from. The Masons become Engineers, The Anvils the front-line soldiers, The Beardless handle repairs and upkeep of arms and armour or handle ranged weaponry, The Enforcers are the reserves and military police, etc.

The age old Albed thought patterns are still evident within their military, with the force being highly infantry orientated and heavily armoured infantry at that. The main change easily noticeable by the average commoner is that of the lack of blackpowder weaponry, it seems as though the compound was thrown onto the bonfire along with all of their alchemy notes (figuratively speaking of course, Albed would never actually burn information on a whim and details can be found here and there on past inventions and the like, but the Albed often shun that which leaves a bitter taste). The old muskets have now been replaced by crossbow variants across the nation, although due to a lack of requirement for military aggression it is not certain as to whether the Albed will be at a loss when it comes to dealing with the more heavily armoured foe that their ranged infantry previously had no fear of.

Additionally, many more surface defences have been seen and very few underground entrances and is now a widely believed fact that the Albed are indeed now living on the surface. This has led to an increase in the quantity and quality of the fortifications seen in the Albed lands.


Retracing their steps to their pre-alchemy days, the Albed have reverted to using gold path magic, throwing in the fire of the furnaces. The scholars within the nation are trained to a high standard for both battle and domestic purposes.

The scholars are often seen partaking in construction, ensuring faster and smoother running of operations making the cranes and lifts much less prone to failure and able to work much more efficiently. The Masons Guild see them as somewhat of a god-send, making their lives much easier.


Having devoted all of their attentions to Rayne, the Albed worship no other and take education and the attainment of knowledge to heart. Libraries are learning centres and temples rolled into one, where by merely attending the peaceful buildings and pouring through the books gaining knowledge and hopefully wisdom, the Albed show their appreciation and devotion to Rayne's teachings.

It is rare, but has been known, for groups from other Rayne worshiping nations to be allowed to enter the temple-libraries to seek the knowledge within, under guard and a strict watchful eye of course.


Albed architecture has changed drastically since the last age due to the emergence of the race from their underground holds. Albed buildings can be described as plane~ in the sense that they are usually very grey and smooth~ yet masterfully built and usually include statues at the entrances or along halls. The central buildings can be seen towering above the outer sections of the city, many floors high yet completely sturdy and solid. It is often wondered how the Albed manage to produce such large structures, however it is an Albed trade secret that they are yet to share with the world.

The guild halls, council chambers, barracks and many other buildings display banners, whether they denote the buildings use or the guild it belongs to varies, however all are for a reason and you will seldom see random acts of lavish ornamentation upon the exterior of Albed buildings except for the stone statues, which are usually a depiction of Rayne or famous ancestors. The vast majority of buildings are also seemingly topped with ramparts, which would in theory imply that the towns are built to be defended from every building, that said, there definitely wouldn't be enough soldiers to man them all anyway, so maybe they are there just to catch the eye after all.

As plane as the outside of Albed buildings may be, the interiors are a different story. There are many ornaments, statues, fountains, weapon and armour displays and banners of all shapes, sizes and colours. The foundries and factories are filled with molten streams of metals, moving from one station to the next, even "waterfalls" of molten metals can be seen in order to transport the materials quickly to lower levels of the buildings. Whilst the exterior of the buildings are stone, the most used substance internally is a variety of metals, whether it be for bracing girders, decoration or practical use.

One example of the large structures built by the Albed is a large tower in the centre of Holm which contains a large bell which can be heard all around the town and even a couple of miles beyond it, although the building is too far into Holm for any of the outsiders to make out much of the detail on it to know exactly why the bell rings when it does, most put it down to part of the Albed's religion on account of many Albed muttering prayers to Rayne when the bell rings.
There is no problem in Zanzibar that cannot be solved by an explosion and some Albed XXXX

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Greg IV's CRO

High Concept:
Captain of the Elite Forces & Director of Experimental Warfare

Always a glutton, Greg IV cannot function properly without a drink and a belly full of salted meats and has an unusually high tolerance for excessive quantities of food without the after effects of food confusion, leading some to joke he is part cow and has multiple stomachs.

Descendant of the famous Greg, last brewer of the Wolflands, from the previous era in which the Albed brewers were kicked out of the Wolflands or taken prisoner, Greg was the only one to stay (being out cold from drinking too much) and consequently a rescue raid was performed, to great success.

Greg IV is... bluntly... fat, even by Albed standards. He isn't lazy by any means, but he is somewhat of a glutten. There is a common saying around the world of “Who ate all the pies?” has been adapted within the Albed Military Elites to “Who has heard of the legend of the pie?” on account of no pie lasting more than a few seconds before Greg has both claimed and devoured it.

Standing at a height of 4'11” Greg IV is somewhat short even for an Albed, but his girth makes up for it. He has long brown hair and a matching beard tucked into his belt on both sides in traditional fashion for Albed sporting excessive beards. His eyes are a pale grey, which he claims help him see better in the dark, although, given that all Albed have better than average eyesight, this isn't really a boast he can back-up.

Although he doesn't tend to get angry, he makes claims of excessive droning headaches which can leave him grumpy. He has found that continuous eating takes his mind off it, with alcohol fogging up his “clogged brain” (as he puts it – others claim he just doesn't like the sound of thinking).

Greg IV is usually seen in battle wielding a two-handed hammer, fitting of his Guild, The Brewers, who for the majority use such a weapon. His battle-dress consists of Albed quality steel scale mail over a boiled leather jerkin. Plate armour does not suit him well, as he often changes in... diameter, meaning the breast plates are somewhat bothersome, he prefers the lighter fitting mail armour variations and leather, which can be let-out a little if he is having a “plump day”.

His retinue are the elite forces of the nation, a banner derived from veteran soldiers and consolidated into one banner which has yet to see action (although all men within it already have). Little is known about their training, equipment or even which Albed are within the banner.
There is no problem in Zanzibar that cannot be solved by an explosion and some Albed XXXX

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Profile: Guldan

Player: Faust
High concept: High King and tactician
Position: Leader, High King
Residence: Holm

Appearance: A ageing dwarf, 5 foot 1 tall, with think light gray hair with streaks of ginger still showing thought before the fade to the passage of time. Stocky in build and usually in his family Golden decorated amour and Crown. can be seen with a pipe more often than not. either smoking or just playing with it. As well he has a 2 books on his person, One Black with a single white rune on it. The other a worn dark blue book with Marks poking out from the top and bottom.

Duties: Guldan Will usually be found around Holm though he will check in with the other Albed settlements councils to make sure that all is well. He makes a lot of public appearances and considers himself a leader for the people. In war he is not a war leader more a tactician. age has hit him and slowed his movements from in his youth.

In war: Guldan will go to important battles and crusades. especially ones with religious objections but he is more there for the troops moral more than anything else. He is clever and will strategise but he will often let someone younger lead the force into combat but he will still be on the battlefield fighting or planning.

Diplomacy: The Albed have become very xenophobic because of the past events. Though he wants to believe the best in other races he can't risk the lives of his people on it so will be shielded with the stance of the Albed cities especially Holm and there strict Albed only policy

Trouble: Guldan is cautious and old. he wants the best for his race but in his old age he isn't in the physically fit warrior he once was. For a chosen he isn't agile as he was and is self conscious about his abilities in combat.

Guldan, High king of the Albed

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